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Home Improvement: Six Things to Consider Before Renovating

Posted on 11 October 2018 by admin (0)

It’s amazing how homeowners tend to imagine things in their mind: carpets becoming hardwood, making walls disappear, enhance the beauty of the kitchen, and outdoor living spaces transforming. Every homeowner tries to think of how they can improve and beautify their living spaces. No matter what you want to do with your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor spaces, remember it’s not enough to just dream. Getting the work done starts with putting pen to paper and planning for your home improvement project.

Planning for your remodeling project will help you know what you and your residential property will go through, thereby reducing stress and frustrations throughout the project. Here’s what you should keep in mind to survive your home improvement project with less tears and headaches.

Timeline for the Remodeling Project

First things first, your planning should start with knowing how much your remodel will take. Note that your home improvement project has different aspects that will take different times to complete. Remember it’s these aspects that merge to make your project complete. From permits to inspections to scheduling and building, you have to know the amount of time each aspect of the project is likely to take. It’s, therefore, a good idea to start early enough and be flexible with your deadline. The quality of the work is important. Don’t allow room for compromise in quality. Which is why you should make your remodeling contractors feel rushed to finish your project.


There’s no way you’ll accomplish your remodel project without determining how much it will cost. You have to be realistic when it comes to this aspect of your project. Any changes made during a home renovation process will always affect the final budget and completion date which means adjustments have to be made. Communicate with your remodeling contractor the different tasks you want completed within your budget.

Not all Contractors are Created Equal

If you’re handling a major home renovation, you’ll have to hire a professional contractor. While getting contractors to bid out your project won’t give you trouble, finding the right fit will not only take some time but can be challenging. In your planning, be sure to interview multiple contractors. You might consider asking friends and family for possible contractors for consideration. Find out about the experience, reputation, communication style, and costs. Ask for references as well. You want to hire a company that will handle your project smoothly and to your satisfaction.

Staging Area

Another important factor to consider and plan a head of time is where the materials for your project will be stored. There’s a good chance you’ll experience some disruptions, but this is only for a while. You might use your driveway or garage which means you have to get a different location for your parking. Be sure to store the materials in a waterproof and secure location.

Get an Itemized Estimate for Proper Planning

As mentioned, when interviewing contractors you should ask about their costs. It’s important they provide you with an itemized estimate for the scope of work so you can know who you can choose for the project. Your remodeling project should have a return on investment. It has to be adding more value than its actual cost. An itemized billing will help you when it comes to planning your budget.

Ensure there’s a Contract Covering the Scope of Work

Of course, you’re behind schedule and you want to finish your home renovation project within the shortest time possible. Before you let the contractor start working on your project, you want to ensure there’s a detailed contract in place. Remember you’re investing thousands of dollars in this project. Anyone who’s committed to providing you with quality work will be happy to provide a contract that covers the entire scope of work. If the contractor seems unwilling and shifty or hesitant to provide one, that could be a red flag. Consider finding someone else.