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Six Important Tips to Take Care of Trees in the wintertime

Posted on 11 July 2020 by admin (0)

Winter is an outstanding season where you have to take care of the trees. Without any experience, it’s hard for you to do it. Today, we will tell you about the essential tips that can give you the advantage of taking care of your trees. Every piece of advice is different and shows more importance, so it’s better to focus on the entire remaining article.

Protect it from Freezing:

Whenever the temperature drops to freezing, you need to take care of the vulnerable trees. Notably, tropical and young trees can’t resist the freezing temperature below 32 degrees. To protect them from freezing, follow the below points.

  • Put moist soil surrounding the trees. It can absorb solar radiation. Moreover, it also helps to re-radiate the heat throughout the night time.
  • Cover all the plants or trees that contain tarps, sheets, and burlaps. You can take the help of stakes or frames to minimize the contact between foliage and the cover.
  • Bring back the potted trees and plants to a more protected location.

Go For Pruning

Pruning is an essential thing for your trees in the winters as most trees go into dormancy this season. Dormancy are not good for the tree so it’s necessary to prune the trees when they are at a younger age. The idea develops a perfect structure for the trees and makes it safe for any damage. The following are the tips for ideal winter tree pruning.

  • Remove diseased, Damaged, Dead, and dying branches.
  • Select and establish the scaffold branches.
  • Select and develop the Central branches.
  • Select the temporary branches and remove it.

If you are short of tools and don’t want to do the pruning yourself, you can assist professionals.

Perform mulching for warmth’s and moisture

Retaining the moisture and heat of the tree is essential. Mulching is the ideal process that can do it for you. You can select wood chips as trees mostly require it for mulching. It’s necessary to perform it in a donut shape distribution rather than a volcano shape. The mulching process needs to be away from the base of the tree.