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Ultimate advice for new homeowners

Posted on 04 November 2018 by admin (0)

So, you’ve bought your new home, and got the keys in your hands. You’re full of joy, excitement and enthusiasm. This feels like the fresh start that you need and you feel like you are taking a big step.

Here are a couple of things that you should work on and/or avoid:

  • Cracks in the driveway

If you do not fix the cracks that are in the driveway, they will widen and become deeper due to the temperature changes that causes them to shrink and expand.

  • Parking on the grass

If you own a car, you should never park on the grass, this will leave tire marks ob. the lawn and eventually will impact the soil. Ruts will form and grass will not grow in these areas again. This will ruin the overall aesthetic of your beautiful home.

  • Having a wood pile next to your house

Tree Service professional at Aesthetic Tree Service suggested that if you place a wood pile too close to your home, those varmints will find it quite easy to get indoors. And during winter time, when the temperature outside drops, they will seek warmer places, which is inside your house.

  • Change the locks on the doors

This is important for your security and safety. Change your locks. Because you do not know if the previous owner have given a copy of the key to other people, such as maids, babysitters, or even do walkers. Also, painters and contractors may possibly still have a copy. The list goes on.

Hire a professional locksmith, so that you know that the job will be done right, professionally and correctly.


  • Install a Home Security System

Break-ins can happen anytime and anywhere, so you have to be prepared. One way is to install a home security system, they help keep things that matter to you – pets, family members and belongings safe and monitored.

In our day and age, security system differ in price and features, usually the more you pay the better you get. There are phone apps for remote home security management combined with cameras that can monitor all sides of your house. Also, you might consider installing hidden cameras inside your house in case you hire a made, a babysitter, or if you let any stranger in your house for that matter. Most new home security systems are also wireless and can easily be setup without a professional, if that concerned you.

–        Check crime stats

Before making the big purchase and paying for the house, do your research on the area, perhaps the house you’re buying is priced low because of the high crime rate in the area.

–        Make friends with your neighbors

Your neighbors have been living in the area longer than you, be a good neighbor and make friends with them, this will help you know which pros to hire in case you need them (plumbers, electricians, etc.), and they will give you decent advice. Will help you learn about your neighborhood, find reliable contractors and maybe even allow you to borrow tools when you need them.

Knowing your neighbors will also make it easier to address any issues that arise later, such as property line or noise concerns.

  • Develop a home maintenance checklist

Final hack: develop a home maintained checklist. IN this list, you will divide tasks depending on the frequency, whether you need to do a certain task monthly, quarterly or yearly then, make it a habit to check things off this list. Doing so will help you save loads of cash in the future, since the life of everything in your home will be extended.